Hotel/Resort Management

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customers effectively.

Make your business customer-centric with our tailor-made solutions

MCi Apps hotel management solution helps you interact and build long-term relationship with your customers through effective management and impeccable customer support system that can handle your end-to-end management system at one go and automate the whole process based on your business requirements.

Automate and personalize emails, schedule follow-up with potential leads and get complete customer retention with a customized software solution that helps you grow your business exponentially.

Give your customers a personalized experience with unlimited features.

We provide tailor-made solutions for every industry, which means you can add and customize features that helps you give your customer a personalized experience and improve client retention. Automate the processes on our unified software built to serve your customers efficiently and rapidly increase ROIs.

Create Tour Packages
Create Tour Packages
Manage Activities & Events
Manage Activities & Events
Monitor Daily Bookings
Monitor Daily Bookings
Track Laundry Service Status
Track Laundry Service Status
Create Menu Items & Prices
Create Menu Items & Prices

Try our personalized hotels and resorts solution for free.

Attract more customers in your facility with the help of an automated business strategy.

What makes our customized solution for the hotel industry so special?

Instant Alert & Messages

Instant Alert & Messages

Get notification updates and issue related alerts on the platform.

Feedbacks & Response

Feedbacks & Response

Automate all feedback and review processes with our customized solution.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

Manage rewards and offer promotions from anywhere in the world.

Payment Tracking Facility

Payment Tracking Facility

Keep track of payment and billing invoices on a secure platform.

Effective Management

Effective Management

Efficiently monitor all facility, restaurant and event management services in one go.

Reservation & Booking Info

Reservation & Booking Info

Check and update daily reservations and booking informations on the unified platform.


Rooms and Facility Management


Room Allocation, Check-in / Check-out


Online booking integration

Restaurant Management (Multiple)

Order Management (Mobile)



Table Booking

Room Service

Take-Away / Home Delivery

Order Management

Delivery Tracker


Activity and Event Management

Activity and Event Schedule



Laundry Service

Order Management

Order Tracking and Delivery


Travel Desk

Tour Guide

Tour Packages

Cab/Taxi Booking


Feedback and Reviews

Feedback and Review Analysis

Product Ratings

Service Ratings

Loyalty and Rewards

Create and execute Loyalty programs

Add, Redeem Reward points

Campaigns and Promotions

SMS Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Social Media Integration

Master Data

Menu Item Catalog

Menu Item Price

Customer Master

Room and Facility Tariff

Tax Master


Room Occupancy/Availability

Restaurant Management Reports

Sales Reports

campaigns and Promotions

Additional Related Features

Human Resource Management

Profile and Documents

Attendance and Leave Tracker



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